Security and Safety Checklist:

Many older homes either have no deadlocks or have locks that are not built to today’s security standards. It is very important that when you spend your hard-earned money your getting the security your family deserves.

Download my security checklist go through your house see if you have the security you need if not call Jim’s Safe Place now.

Front Door
Locking door knob Yes____ No____
Locking deadbolt Yes____ No____
Secondary lock making key inoperable. Yes____ No____
Door viewer. Yes____ No____

All other doors leading into home
Locking door knob. Yes____ No___
Locking deadbolt. Yes____ No___
Secondary lock making key inoperable. Yes___ No___

Living room and den
Windows locked Yes___ No___

Lock on door into room Yes___ No___
Windows locked Yes___ No___
Deadbolt on closet Yes___ No___
Phone or cell phone Yes___ No___
Smoke detector. Yes___ No___

Windows locked. Yes___ No___
Smoke detector. Yes___ No___

Windows locked. Yes___ No___

Hall between bedrooms
Smoke detectors. Yes___ No___

Garage overhead door
Holes drilled for padlocks and padlocks for extended time away.

All upstairs bedrooms should have a rope ladder attached to the window sill in case of fire or other emergency.

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