Lock and Door Repair

Break-in Repair

Your doors and locks are the primary security standing between your home or business and the outside world.

If you have a broken lock or damaged door, or your home or business has just been broken into, it is crucial that you get services of a qualified locksmith as soon as possible to protect your valuable assets and the lives of those entrusted to you.

If your doors or locks have been damaged, you don’t necessarily need to replace them all. Many times we can come in and repair your locks and doors so that they are practically good as new.

We are trusted as the best Sulphur locksmith for our residential and business community. Our vision is your security and it is our goal to ensure the locks and doors of your home or business are sturdy and safe – able to keep the outside world where it belongs, outside.

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At Jim’s Safe Place, We Specialize in Providing:

Residential Door Repair
Gate Lock Repair
Lock and Door Safety Evaluations
Commercial Door Repair
Auxiliary Locks
Patio Door Lock Repair
Heavy Duty Strike Plates Installed