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Mobile locksmith servicing sulphur ok areaWe know how frustrating it is to lose your keys or lock your keys inside your car. But before you risk expensive damage to your automobile, call Jim’s Safe Place, Sulphur Locksmith and we can quickly retrieve your keys or open your car and provide you with a new key. And we promise to save you money and prevent damage to your car.

When you find yourself in need of a locksmith for your car – we promise to provide timely, professional and friendly services.

Most of the time when people think of a locksmith they think of opening a car. Yes, Jim’s Safe Place can do that and we will do it fast and without damage to your car. But let’s take a look at other services that Jim can do that just might save you that expense.

Duplication of today’s car keys normally have to be done by a trained specialist. The keys of today have technology that requires the car to recognize it through its computer. The good news is it helps reduce stolen vehicles. The bad news is it can be costly. However, Jim has the needed tools to program most cars on the market today. This means he can come to you and your car which lowers your cost and your headache. With a spare key you would rarely ever find yourself locked out of your car – saving you time and money.

Another benefit is that I can also make a mechanical key that will unlock the door, but won’t start your car. You can then place it on the outside and not worry if your car will be there when you go to use it.

If you’ve bought a car that has had locks replaced but not keyed to the original key. Jim’s Safe Place can also do that for you. This would ensure that one key will fit all the locks like when the car was new.

What if just the old car lock has quit working? Jim has many years repairing automotive locks even when you can’t get the door open.

At Jim’s Safe Place, Sulphur’s best mobile locksmith, we offer a wide variety of services for your automobile, RV, vans and even motorcycles.

With all these services available why wouldn’t you call Jim’s Safe Place
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Highly trained in all areas of auto locksmith services, we offer quality locksmith solutions for all brands, makes and vehicle types. We are equipped with the latest automotive technology and we are available to provide the following services.

Automotive Services:Creating a new key for a car

Make keys
Open car doors and trunks
Broken key extraction
Duplicate keys
Replace lost or stolen
Repair or replace ignition locks
Repair or replace door locks
Cut keys back to manufacturers specification
Make locks fit your key

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