Abilene Locksmith Reviews | Jim’s Safe Place

I worked under you for 10 1/2 years, nothing but good work ethics, hard working, and honest.
Lavern Guthrie,
Jim is knowledgeable, professional, personable and above all, honest. In the process of all, he not only advised, but saved me money in the process. He re-did all my house locks for me and helped me decide on what types of changes were my best options. Later, he set up an electronic door lock for me. He also helped me decide the right gun safe for me on his own accord. When I moved out of Abilene, Jim was one of my "go to professionals" that I wish I could have taken with me.
KD Tuscano, Abilene
Jim has been a wonderful friend and locksmith! EVERYBODY needs to use his services. They are excellent!!!!!
Judy Scott,
In 2009, our car got broken into in Dallas. They took all our luggage and my wallet, house keys etc. We were horrified at the possibility that the thieves had all our information and access to our home. We immediately drove back to Abilene, had to break into our house and my husband called Jim. It was super early but Jim was there in a flash. He could tell we had been traumatized and was extremely kind and reassuring as he changed the locks. We wouldn't use anybody else. So sorry to hear about the bad behavior of the other lock shop. It is really unprofessional and somewhat slanderous to trash other people and businesses.
Jo Ann K Thorp,
I worked with you for years and years. And yes, I am your sister, but we were raised by the same parents who taught us to work hard, do the best we can for the customer, and make sure we treat everyone with fairness and respect! There is no better locksmith in Texas. And I am not prejudice. I know locksmithing. It's been in our family for 3 generations. I know they will not go wrong with Jim's Safe Place
Denise Holzberlein Clear,
Well I have not only worked for you but was a customer and friend before my employment and as far as work and work ethic you were fair and expected the best out of yourself as well as your employees as both reflected on your business. If there was ever a problem with workmanship or products you used, you always made it right. Weren't a slave driver boss but did expect your employees to do a good job and do right by your customers. As far as work and products I have purchased from you they were top notch and I am still very pleased with them all.
Rene Higgins,