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When you have employee turnover wouldn’t it be nice to know your old employee couldn’t get back into your business?

Or as an employee that might have had critical access to areas of a company wouldn’t you feel better knowing you could not be blamed for things coming up missing?

Why not install electronic locks on entry doors and areas of importance. Many of today’s commercial stand-alone, electronic locks have easily changeable combinations, 100 or more user codes and an audit trail that will not only keep employees out but will tell you who has used the lock and when.

If going high tech is a concern, you can also rekey your business when an employee is no longer a part of your company. Protecting your reputation and your employees’ reputations. Inexpensive insurance that brings you peace of mind. Jim’s Safe Place has your best interest at heart.

Securing your commercial business building is one of the most important parts of owning a company. So whether you are needing to install better locks, fix current locks or add high security locks, we can help you with each and every step. Your local Sulphur Locksmith, Jim’s Safe Place has the experience necessary to ensure your business is as safe as possible.

As well as helping you secure your business building, we can provide emergency locksmith services if you have locked yourself out of the building or lost your keys. We know that opening your business in the morning is important so when you need to unlock your doors in an emergency situation.

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Business Locksmith Services

Open locks
High security locks sold and installed
Locks sold and installed
Latch protectors
Rekey locks
Copy keys
Electronic access
Safes sold
Safe combination changed
Safes repaired
Commercial glass door locks repaired or replaced
Commercial glass door hinges repairs or replaced
Locks installed on metal commercial doors
Hinges repaired or replaced commercial doors
Door closers sold and installed
Desk and cabinet locks sold
Desk and cabinet locks installed

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