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Just What Does it Mean to Re-Key a Lock

Just What Does it Mean to Re-Key a Lock?

A re-keyed lock is a lock that has had the cylinder changed by replacing the pins. When a lock is re-keyed, the current key will no longer work. Instead, you need a new key. Re-keying a lock is like changing a safe’s combination.

Why Re-Key a Lock?

People re-key locks for different reasons including a new home purchase, moving to a new apartment, new construction, a stolen purse, lost or stolen keys or when a tenant moves out. Basically, it makes sense to re-key a lock whenever there’s a possibility that someone else, like a realtor, prior tenant, previous homeowners, or a possible thief, may have a copy of your keys.

One popular reason to re-key a lock is to have one key for all your locks. This allows you to reduce the number of keys you carry around. This only works if your locks are the same brand. If you are having locks installed, you can purchase them “keyed alike” which means they can operate on the same key.

If your locks are keyed alike and you decide to change a lock at a later date, then you can either have that lock re-keyed or you can use different keys. If you buy another lock at a later date, that lock needs to be compatible with the other locks in your home if you want to get it re-keyed.

Another reason to re-key your locks is to prevent theft from someone who had access to the key in the past like a former employee or roommate. Re-keying the lock is often less expensive than replacing locks. The previous keys will no longer work. This is a preventative measure that can help to prevent theft by people who used to live with you or work for you.

If someone has a key and makes a copy or steals it, then it’s hard to prove they did it. After all, they had access to the key, so they would be able to come and go relatively undetected . If the locks are changed and they enter the property, then it is considered breaking and entering which is a felony, the penalty would be much stiffer.

What can you re-key?

Most people know you can re-key doorknobs and deadbolts, but you can also re-key ignition switches and auto door locks. Sometimes a replacement is a better option, however, it depends on whether the lock is damaged. An honest locksmith will evaluate your situations and inform you of your choices. They can help you decide which option fits your needs and your wallet.

If you’re replacing a damaged lock from a junk yard or putting together a perosnal project then you want to have a key made to fit the lock. Re-keying would work for this too. If you have a lock cylinder with a key that fits, then you can re-key the lock to your key or get a new key.

There are exceptions to this rule:

Locks that are irreparably damaged
Locks that are too old and replacement parts are not available
A cheap lock that the would be far more reasonable to simply replace
Your locksmith is too inexperienced to re-key the lock

A good locksmith can explain the problem and let you know whether a re-key is possible.

Save Money and Time on Your Car Key Replacement

Programming a car key replacementIt used to be that you had to go to your local car dealership in order to replace your lost or stolen car key. This meant that you had to have your vehicle towed to their place of business in order to have service completed, leaving you with a towing bill, a long wait at the dealership and large charges. Fortunately, you no longer have to go through that process in order to get replacement car keys.

A Mobile Locksmith Will Save Time and Money

Going to the dealership was necessary because they were the only one with the programming and cutting tools necessary to complete the service. No longer is this necessary.

Now a mobile locksmith can come to you. A mobile locksmith will have all of the tools and parts necessary to cut you a replacement key or create an auto remote keyless entry. This saves you time since you don’t have to wait for a tow, spend time at the dealership and wait for service. It also saves you money on towing costs and high dealership prices.

Finding the Right Mobile Locksmith

Knowing you need a mobile locksmith is only half of the equation to creating replacement car keys. Now you need to decide which mobile locksmith you will choose to service your vehicle. When you are in the middle of the emergency you don’t want to take the time to research locksmith companies in your area, so it is helpful to look for a locksmith you can trust before emergencies and store the number in your phone.

When looking for a mobile locksmith, ask questions about them online (use Facebook to see if others have used their service), look at reviews for their services. Then talk to them and ask specific questions and determine if this is a person you can trust to help you in an emergency. Ask if they can service your particular make and model of car, if they can just unlock your car or program an entirely new replacement key transponder or remote. Ask if they are familiar with your vehicle’s particular security system and how they go about creating a replacement car key for your specific year, make and model car.

Then ask about response time, hours of service and pricing to get a better idea of overall service and charges you will receive. Trust your instincts when choosing a locksmith – go with someone you feel good about, but make sure you have reason to believe they are a responsible and secure company.

The Benefits of Using Jim’s Safe Place – Mobile Locksmith Service

Having the ability to bring locksmithing tools to the customer means a great deal of convenience and savings for the customer. Jim’s Safe Place has the technology and parts to create replacement auto keys, replacement transponder keys and remotes. We are able to not only cut a key to match the vehicle’s ignition, but also program it to communicate with your car’s computer. We can also create an emergency key that just opens your car door, but does not start the car.

When choosing an Sulphur OK mobile locksmith company to perform service for you it is important that you trust the one that you have chosen, so do the research that ensure you find a friendly and professional locksmith you can trust for the long haul.

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